Director of the Center for International Educaiton and Exchange,
Vice president, University of Yamanashi

Xiaoyang Mao

Necessity of Global AI

 Asia is currently playing a central role in the social transformation through artificial intelligence (AI). According to UBS, the annual economic value that AI brings to Asia by 2030 is estimated to be 1.8-3.0 trillion USD, impacting sectors equivalent to 2/3 of Asia’s current gross domestic product (GDP) in finance, health care, manufacturing, etc.
However, as the AI industry becomes the focus of international competition, the quality and quantity of its human resources do not meet industry needs, nor has an effective educational model been established.

Furthermore, Japan is definitely lagging behind the US, China, and other countries in AI R&D and its education. Japan’s unique, precise, and sophisticated craftsmanship is also facing an urgent need to pass on and automate technology due to the country’s declining birthrate and aging population, and there is an urgent need to develop human resources to solve real problems in local communities and industries by utilizing cutting-edge AI.

In the view of the current situation in Japan and abroad, this program forms a consortium of four universities to establish a new educational model for international AI industry-university collaboration by complementarily utilizing each university’s strengths in AI research and education, its collaborative network with industry, and its practical fields in the region. And aiming to develop AI human resources who will serve as a bridge to Asian countries and lead Society 5.0 and DX.

Through this A3I program, we hope that students will become an active in society as “real global citizens” with internationality, AI skills, and advanced application capabilities.


Aiming for an ripple effect of “Internationalization of Education”, “Global Competitiveness”, and “Hub for Regional Innovation” by constructing and utilizing Credit transfer with quality assurance, Education with/post COVID-19, Co-supervision of dissertation, Organizational management Emphasizing on Internationalization, OB/OG Network, and Industry-university collaboration network.

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