A3I Online Course Conducted

In February 2024, we opened an online intensive course on AI system design, “Advanced Design Thinking Practice,” at our university, with 16 students from 4 universities taking the course.


This course aims to understand the integrated skills and know-how required to extract issues in medicine, engineering, and agriculture from informatics-based AI/IoT/DS. After this course, students will identify problems in the fields, select appropriate solutions for the specific domains, and propose and implement the solutions. The students will also acquire practical design skills through a combination of exercises and group work in addition to classroom lectures.


This online course is not affected by differences in the academic calendar of each university, which enhances learning effectiveness, and allows students from Korea, China, and Malaysia to learn about cutting-edge Japanese AI theory and applied technology while they are in own countries, without actually coming to Japan.


The credits for this course can be earned at any of the four universities.


students’ group photo of online course