Spring Short Program conducted at UniMAP, Malaysia

The spring short program has been conducted by UniMAP, Malaysia from Feb.19th (Mon) ∼ Feb. 29th (Thu). A total of 13 students (including 9 undergraduate students and 4 master students) from the University of Yamanashi participated in this program.


A variety of events were involved in this spring short program, such as Malay language classes, cultural experiences of Malaysia traditional dance, sports, etc., excursions to museums and sightseeing spots, lab tour and company visit.


The participating students gained deeper understandings toward Malaysia through exposure to the culture and history of the country. The students from China, Japan and Korea had great fun in the cross-cultural communication with local students. In addition, through their life in the local university, the short program also provided the students with the opportunity to consider the potentiality of joining in the mid-long term oversea study program in the future.





      Opening ceremony                    Tour to Gua Kelam



      Malay Language Class                 UniMAP Campus Tour



     Malaysian traditional dance                Tour to Gua Kelam